Lothar Goetz’ research examines the effect of colour in the form of large scale ‘wall painting’ on existing or planned architectural spaces. He is interested in the legacy and reinterpretation of modernist idealism. As well as projects for domestic living spaces Goetz has carried out large works in public buildings and amenities such as hospitals underground stations and businesses, where the experimental use of colour is engaged to articulate architecture.







'Las Vegas at 5 pm'

'Las Vegas at 5 pm' 2009

Acrylic and Vinyl matt emulsion on wall

SMART Project Space, Amsterdam, NL

Photo:  Niels Vis, Amsterdam







'Desire' , 2009/2011

Mineral paint on primed MDF, steel,

160 x 160 x 260 cm, Vinyl matt emulsion on wall

Markisches Museum, Witten, Germany

Photo : Achim Kukulies, Dusseldorf







'Zimmer fur Bernhard Landauer ­ Empfang mit Blick auf den Wannsee' , 2011

Vinyl matt emulsion on wall

Galerie der Stadt Remscheid, Germany

Photo: Achim Kukulies, Dusseldorf







'Lampenfieber', 2012

Vinyl on glass

Chapter, Cardiff

Photo : Hannah Firth, Cardiff